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Managing Games Made Easy!!


Managing Games Made Easy!!

About SecWind

Who are we?

We’re a startup of highly talented gaming professionals based out of Bangalore – the gaming capital of India. Our team has solid experience of running more than 25 different games across casual, mid-core, mobile and desktop platforms. Our collective hands-on experience spans game monetization, engagement, analytics, user acquisition, app store optimization, troubleshooting, game design and content creation. To supplement our in-house capabilities and to deliver world class gaming services, we also leverage our network of world-class gaming studios, designers, artists, and developers.

What we do?

At SecWind, we give your game a second life by significantly lowering and bearing all your operating costs and risks/tasks. We take on all your hassles of running a game. In return, we take a slice of your game’s revenue. You still get to retain all your customers, IP, and brand at zero operational costs. And what’s more, you get to redeploy your resources on newer shinier titles with a high growth potential. While you take a back seat, our best in class team works round the clock to ensure that we deliver a quality experience to your loyal gaming community. Join us and enjoy a hassle free business partnership. Give your games a second wind!

Our Mission:

To build a global interactive media company that creates world-class entertainment experiences for millions of gamers who are still hooked on to our partners brilliant but aging games.

What we’re looking for?

We are looking for the games that have a loyal engaged user base but are struggling to remain profitable in the long run due to various business reasons.

Our Services

SecWind partners with world class game publishers and studios to not only manage their games but also to retain their brand and customer base. Leveraging our expertise in gaming services, we revive and enhance user experiences by incorporating fresh content, features and non-intrusive ads. Our partners benefit immensely from such a symbiosis. While they gain monthly revenue share with zero operational costs they also get the opportunity to free up their valuable resources for other projects.

SecWind provides a complete package of following services to manage your game:

  • Product Management
  • User Acquisition
  • Growth Hacking
  • Production
  • Art
  • Content Creation
  • Game Design
  • Liveops
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Customer Support

While we provide a great set of services for your game, we prefer to operate your game end to end.

Here’s how SecWind does it for you:

  • SecWind will initiate a due diligence process to assess the game’s health and other key metrics.
  • Based on the due diligence outcome, a revenue sharing proposal will be made. The IP & the brand ownership will remain with the partner.
  • After our partner agrees to the offer, SecWind will take ownership of end to end operations.
  • SecWind’s operating model will provide timely reports to concerned stakeholders.
  • SecWind will give a second lease of life to your games and prolong its life tenure for maximum profitability.
  • Partner will benefit immensely by earning revenue without incurring any operational costs while retaining the customer base and brand.

Contact SecWind

Feel free to email us to enquire or to just say hello!